Community Recap: 24 Hours of Weird

Oh yeah, Community. I almost forgot about this show, given how little fan outcry there was when it was unceremoniously taken off the air. Plus, very few people on the Internet have created memes based on the show in the interim, and this grand return to form was not mentioned to me by every single person I know, not even close.

Of course, I'm thrilled the show's back. But was "Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts" THE GREATEST EPISODE OF TV EVER?!? No — I mean, how could it be? (Keep that in mind when you go see the Arrested Development movie.) But the episode was a nice reminder of who these characters are, and provided a high-stakes backdrop for their outsider status to shine through. And this happened purely by accident I'd imagine, given the show's timing was rearranged with very little notice. So well done, everyone. Read More...


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