The Vampire Diaries 3.16 "1912" Review

The Vampire Diaries sure knows how to return with a bang as this episode proved with flashbacks to 1912 and revealing who the recent killer is. Flashback episodes are always fun as we get to find out what led these characters to where they are now and this one was no exception as it focused on the relationship between Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley). These reviews have previously waxed lyrical about family being the heart of this show and the Damon and Stefan dynamic being one of the most compelling and this episode had all of these brilliant elements.

The motives for wanting to look to the past was all thanks to Alaric's (Matt Davis) incarceration after he allegedly tried to attack Meredith (Torrey DeVitto) and so Damon is down a drinking partner and best friend. If they look to the past they can find a possible link to the recent murders and those that occurred with council members back in 1912. This year is a significant time for Damon and Stefan as it is the first time that the two had seen each other in 50 years and as ever with these brothers their relationship was fractious.There is a constant push and pull between the pair that is caused by feelings of guilt from both parties; Stefan feels guilty for making Damon turn and as we find out in this episode Damon believes he is responsible for setting Stefan on his Ripper stardom path. Neither is really their fault though as blood lust and desire for companionship led to their actions. Read More...


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