30 Rock Recap: Hulk Hands and Irish Nonsense

Add St. Patrick’s Day to the list of holidays Liz Lemon hates. While the rest of the city is reveling in the streets, she wants to be inside laughing at clips of Angela’s Ashes and wearing head-to-toe orange in honor of William of Orange, inventor of the orange (or so says Yahoo Answers).

It could have felt a little repetitive of 30 Rock to do another holiday episode so soon after leap day, especially since that one was particularly inspired. But the tone last night felt very different from the leap day show. Instead of inventing zany new traditions, the 30 Rock writers had their characters confront the past and tie up loose ends. Dennis Duffy returned, Jack faced down his career problems, Kenneth realized he could never really leave TGS — basically, Mercury was in retrograde all over the place. Read More...



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