‘Jersey Shore’ recap: Season 5, episode 11

Last night’s season finale of "Jersey Shore" brought an end to the cast’s time in Seaside Heights and was the first time the eight roommates all left on relatively good terms.The episode opens with the cast returning home to Pauly D and Vinny’s prank, where they turned the house inside-out, and the prank war being officially declared over.The majority of the house agrees that the duo’s prank was one of the all-time greatest, with Situation being the only exception. Situation whines about his stuff being touched and moved, complaining that he will not move it back into the house because he isn’t the one who moved it in the first place. After a rant about how his bed is soaked and all of his shoes are ruined, Situation finally gives in and moves his stuff in with Pauly D and Vinny’s help.The next day, Snooki and Situation go for lunch together and Situation reveals that Deena’s sister has a "special talent" and is "one of the chosen ones." Situation blabs about his brother and Deena’s sister’s sexual exploits to Snooki, setting the stage for a future confrontation down the line. Read More...

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