Jersey Shore Recap: All Guido Things Must End

Oh, man, Jersey Shore. What to say? You know when you're in a live-in relationship and you've both individually reckoned with the fact that the love is gone, and now it's just a matter of blurting it out over dinner and breaking your lease? I feel like we're all experiencing a little bit of that with the guid-os and -ettes. It has probably been easier for me than it is for you, because recapping affords a certain sense of journalistic emotional detachment, and also because JS and I have the same initials, so when we break up I don't have to throw out all the stuff we monogrammed.

When we last left them, all of the housemates — save Vinny and Pauly who were doing their Team Hetero-Lifemate thing — had seized this opportunity to move all of the indoor furniture outside and vice versa, thus pulling off "the greatest prank of all time." This prompted us all to wonder, When is George Clooney going to pop out, and how exactly will this ruin the career of Brad Pitt? Alas, other housemates took the prank pretty well. So congratulations, YouTube-Trashcan-Halloween-Punch, you can still call yourself "the best prank ever." Read More...


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