Supernatural Promo: Castiel Returns and Sam Gets Worse in Episode 7.17

The Winchesters headed to Portland this week to investigate a case on this week's episode of Supernatural.  After spotting a strange case in the newspaper, the boys realized they were dealing with a slew of cursed objects unknowingly sold by an antique store owner.  But that was only the beginning, because the real story in town was the fact that leviathans were posing as real estate agents and buying up all sorts of real estate.  With Frank trying to put the pieces together back at his place, Sam and Dean tried to figure out what the leviathans were doing in town.  

On March 23, Castiel returns to Supernatural.  Lucifer finally drives Sam to the breaking point and the youngest Winchester ends up in a mental hospital.  Desperate to save his brother, Dean calls of his hunter contacts for help.  When a friend recommends a healer who is apparently legit, Dean tracks him down and is shocked to see a familiar face: Castiel's face, to be exact.  Will Castiel be able to save Sam?  Meg will also be making a return appearance.  Mark Pellegrino, Rachel Miner and Misha Collins together again in one episode?  It feels just like old times!


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