Supernatural Review: Curses! Sam, Dean and the Friendly Leviathan

Sam and Dean continued their road trip adventures pirouetting onto some cursed Black Swan shoes, although no tutu on tutu action, before spinning straight into a rather odd twist with the ever hungry Leviathan.

All in all the episode was pretty standard fare, basic Supernatural trouble, some cursed objects, and a sprinkling of the larger mythology to keep things moving. Nothing over the top knock your socks off, but entertaining enough for that classic feel that has been utilized heavily throughout this recent season.

The focus of "Out with the Old" centered on a variety of cursed objects that happened to get out of their respectively sealed boxes to wreak havoc on the unknowing people who ended up buying the particular items. Blood splatter shots everywhere and mysterious ancient pornos that well… let's leave their certain ways of damage up to the imagination. Read More...


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