Luck “Episode Eight” Review

In case you missed it (and if you are reading this review, then you probably didn’t), Luck was cancelledamid more issues with accidental horse deaths on set. While it’s tempting to just forget about the final two episodes of its only season, I believe this show deserves more than that. I’ll give a more formal eulogy for the show next week when I give my review of the finale. For now, let’s check in with our favorite degenerate gamblers, horse trainers, and wiseguys as we near the show’s conclusion.

Undoubtedly, this week’s MVP was Escalante. He continues to be one of the series most compelling characters. This week, we delved a little deeper into this man. At the beginning, he was presented as a short-tempered, petulant genius who knew how to train horses, but not how to interact with other humans. However, we have seen him progress in his interpersonal relationships as the season as progressed. He got his mettle tested this week when a surprising horse kick put his unborn child at risk. Watching him be there for both Jo and Eduardo was touching and interesting. It shows that unlike lots of uber-talented men, he doesn’t allow his genius to get in the way of things that truly matter. Read More... 


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