House of Lies “Prologue and Aftermath” Review

The House of Lies is filled with broken people. This week, we got a ton of insight into what makesJeannie Van Der Hooven a broken person. It was not pretty or amusing to say the least. The show’s occasionally serious tone continues to surprise me. They already gave us Marty’s mother issues stemming from his mother’s suicide. This week, they doubled down on the parenting issues and gave us Jeannie’s abusive father. It feels like a strange move to bring about another issue of such gravity this early in the series. However, it seems like they may use this reveal about Jeannie to further underscore the similarities between herself and Marty Kaan. If this leads to a future dalliance, I am all for it. These two characters absolutely deserve each other. They shown time and again that both are willing to do whatever it takes to make the deal. I’m not sure how they are going to build on this reveal, but I don’t mind the serious tone. I only hope it doesn’t drive away the viewers who tune in solely for the giggles. Showtime continues to corner the market on the 30 minute dramedy. Read More... 


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