THE GATES ''Moving Day'' Review Episode 13

In the second episode, Moving Day, Sarah can't handle her part in Vanessa's death and knowing that they may not be safe because of it, the Monohan's decide it's time to leave The Gates. As soon as his parents tell him to pack, Charlie runs off to be with Andie, not knowing that Brett has watered down her medicine, making her kiss deadly once again. The two of them take off to the woods to hide, with Nick in hot pursuit and Lexie and Brett on their way to warn them about Andie's medicine. But it's too late and by the time everyone gets there, Charlie is nearly dead and Andie is screaming.

Devon has a vision that Charlie is going to need her help and even though she's on the run from every vampire in The Gates (including Dylan and Claire), she heads back to help. Dylan and Claire catch up to her, but before they can kill her, Nick shows up and begs them to allow her to help his son. The vamps show up en masse to stop them but Dylan and Claire fight them off long enough for Devon to get back to Charlie. She warns them that her help will come from dark arts and there will be consequences, which we see are quite serious when Charlie does wake up well.. but also with new supernatural powers and the ability to throw his father across the room with nothing but his eyes. Yikes.

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