Once Upon a Time Preview: Taking a Trip to Wonderland in Episode 17

Mary Margaret was arrested in this week's Once Upon a Time, but even Emma had to admit that things looked suspicious when Henry discovered a key from Regina's office that opened up Mary Margaret's door.  Now Emma thinks that the murder weapon could very well have been planted to frame Mary Margaret.  Fortunately, Mr. Gold dropped by and offered to represent Mary Margaret, saying he was very invested in her future.

In the fairytale world, Snow White's personality changed a great deal after taking Rumpelstiltskin's potion.  Angry about her lot in life, she wanted to kill the Queen and even got a bow from Rumple to do it.  But Charming was hot on her tail.  At first, his kiss didn't break the spell, so Jiminy suggested that he remind her of the kind of woman she was so that she could them remember him.  He stopped her from killing the Queen and the pair kissed, breaking the spell.  But King George's soldiers were not far behind and they took Charming prisoner, heading back to the king. Read More...



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