Californication Review: Playing With Fire

This week we saw how Hollywood has been home to "Perverts & Whores" for many a year, as Hank's meeting with a prospective new agent took a turn for the weird.

While Hank was taking meetings Charlie was taking a beating, both professionally and emotionally. While I liked that he admitted signing Tyler was wrong, his heartache each time Hank would utter "mother fu-cka" in his best Mr. Chow voice was a bit much. Stu was right, though, there's no crying at the Palm.

Becca reading flirtatious texts from Kali to Tyler was also a bit absurd. Is that how they are really planning on getting rid of him? Also, Kali going for Tyler does the mile high romance she and Hank shared a disservice if you ask me. I thought there was more to Ms. Good's character. She never struck me as having similar values of say Lizzie. Read More...


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