The Amazing Race Review: Keys to the Race

At its core, The Amazing Race is about two main principles: completing challenges and finding your way to the challenges.  The best teams are adept at both and the ones that go home are often deficient in one, if not both.  This week deficiencies with directions cost one team the race.

The teams started the leg departing from Turin, Italy with instructions to make their way to Bavaria, Germany by way of Ehwald, Austria.  Art and JJ were over 2.5 hours ahead of the other seven teams by virtue of their fast forward in the previous leg.  Mark and Bopper, last in the previous leg, were nearly nine hours behind them.

In the past few seasons The Amazing Race has dispensed with telling us when a team got to the Pit Stop in the previous leg and how that would equal their corresponding departure time that leg.  With many seemingly dubious departure times of 4:37am I became curious if the producers altered the previous 12 hour rule. Read More...


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