Desperate Housewives Review: Life's Too Short

Pardon me while I dry my eyes and put away the tissues so that we can discuss tonight’s absolutely incredible Desperate Housewives.

Last week ended with a bang when Mike Delfino took a bullet to the chest and bled out in the arms of his wife. Meanwhile, tonight’s installment paid tribute to the neighbor, friend, father and husband we all loved and will always remember as simply an all-around good guy.

I’m sure that I won’t be the first to admit this, but I was still upset that Mike was the unfortunate resident we had to see go. With only a handful of episodes remaining in the final season, I questioned all week long why it had to be him because I wanted to see Susan and Mike get the happy ending they so rightfully deserved. He was my favorite husband on the show, and I found myself still wondering why the writers chose this pathway when so many other routes could have been explored. However, like Susan, I’ve now come to terms with what’s happened and all I have to say is: Damn, I’m going to miss Mike. Read More...


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