The Walking Dead Season Finale Review: Burning Down the House

The second season of The Walking Dead has been filled with ups and downs, the nail bitters and the overly stupid decisions, the characters you care about and the ones you don't, the exciting twists and the contrived cliches, and the pacing and story lines that often stopped and started like a driver who wasn't comfortable handling stick shift.

Maybe the bumpy road had to do with Frank Darabont leaving the series and the changing show runners and dynamics in effect changing the way the season ultimately turned out. Don't get me wrong, when the show was on, it was pulse pounding on, but there was plenty that left me scratching my head and wondering what or even where the story was headed after the complacency of the farm forced the characters into making stupid choices for the sake of creating the danger the show desperately needed. And in turn, the second half of the season garnered a spark that pushed things forward while reigniting interesting confrontation and situations, even if there were times where it still lacked something. Read More...


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Jun 2, 2016 8:06PM EDT

Now that Rick has lead the group to their death trap just like Shane predicted I for one no way shape or form will be listening to Rick again and would let him know I will go my own way not follow a fool for a leader. Shane was a good leader before Rick showed up and now his character was delegated to a manic. no I have not read the comics so having him dead in the first 6 issues mean nothing to me. Carl should be a child solider if they can make them in Africa why not in USA time for this kid to grow up and tell Lady Macbeth Lori that he is now Carl hamlet walking fighting machine.Maggie had the right Idea but glen the wuss would not follow through. Regime Change is needed The era of Shane leading is dead and now it's the era of dictator rick i smell a revolution coming up in season 3

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