'Once Upon a Time' Recap: True Love Conquers Murder?

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 1, Episode 16 of ABC's "Once Upon a Time," entitled "Heart of Darkness."

For all the "Once Upon a Time" viewers who complain that the show's story is not progressing fast enough (myself sometimes included), the March 18 episode should've been a welcome change of pace. Revelations flew thick and fast as Regina's hold on Storybrooke continued to weaken, with Emma and Henry discovering the skeleton keys that allow the erstwhile Evil Queen to access any building in town -- including, apparently, Mary Margaret's apartment.

David also began recovering memories from his fairytale life while under Archie's hypnosis. But sadly, his confusion over those memories drove an even bigger wedge between him and Mary Margaret. As loyal and noble as Charming is in Fairytale Land, it's interesting to note just how fickle the curse has made him in Storybrooke, since his suspicion about Mary Margaret's involvement in Kathryn's murder is far from the first hurtful decision he's made in the past few episodes. Just as the curse has apparently brought out Mary Margaret's meekness, it sometimes makes our romantic prince seem decidedly heartless. Read More...



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