Eastbound & Down Recap: Paging Mrs. Powers

You guys know how Friday Night Lights is sort of about football but mostly about Kyle Chander's laugh lines? Eastbound & Down is sort of about America's greatest pastime (baseball) but mostly about America's even greatest-er pastimes (fathers and sons and sex and fireworks and tailgating and girls with rhinestone belly-button rings who smoke menthols and jet skis and airbrushed T-shirts and fireworks and babies and bald eagles in fringe jackets singing Pearl Jam). And this week there is also Lily Tomlin. Fucking Lily goddamn Tomlin. But let's start from the beginning, which, unexpectedly, finds Kenny's dad Eduardo Sanchez/Don Johnson and mongoloid son Casper in Mexico robbing a novelty shop.

Back in Myrtle, Kenny, clad in an "I Didn't Pay This Hooker"-complete-with-arrow muscle shirt, hangs with Andrea and and her roommates. He instructs poor grieving Kate to stand to his right and apologizes for his Cole/Shane prank inducing an asthma attack. Because they're all adults here. ("And I'm sorry I just positioned you to be the punch line of my T-shirt. It's not funny.") As such, Kenny has brought Toby to meet his 19-year-old mother surrogate, Andrea. Which is fortunate, because Andrea has a lot to say to Toby. "Hey, uh, baby dude." Read More...



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