Supernatural Sneak Peek: Sam's Prepared to Give Up, But Dean's Determined To Save Him

Supernatural return from its hiatus last week with an episode that showed us just how much Sam is suffering as a result of finally letting Lucifer in.  Since the devil is now a constant feature in Sam's head, even closing his eyes to sleep is torture, so Sam hasn't been resting at all.  This forced insomnia led to him nearly getting hit by a truck in last week's episode.

Dean, unfortunately, doesn't know how serious Sam's condition really is, but he's about to find out.  All of Sam's problems finally come to a head in the March 23 episode of Supernatural, when the younger Winchesters is checked into a mental hospital.  Sam acknowledges that his entire situation may be helpless and, in typical Sam fashion, tells his brother that he's prepared to accept that and die.  But there's no way that Dean is going to just give him, not when Sam's life is on the line.  Much like the season 1 episode, "Faith" (although with the boys now in switched positions), Dean is determined to find a cure for his brother, and he reaches out to his remaining hunting contacts for help.  One of them tells him about a healer that is apparently legit.  But Dean is shocked when said healer turns out to be Castiel, who was last seen exploding into a pile of black goo in a pond. Read More...


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