House “Love is Blind” Review

House returned tonight from what felt like a longer than normal hiatus (the last new episode aired on February 20th) with "Love is blind". After having Battlestar Galactica‘s Jamie Bamber guest star on an earlier episode this season, House is continuing to make me very happy by casting Michael B. Jordan ofThe Wire and Friday Night Lights fame as the patient of the week: Will Westwood. It was a pretty cool opening scene, as we Michael B. Jordan himself staggering through a busy intersection and almost getting hit by multiple cars.

So he’s whisked off to Princeton Plainsboro, where there’s already a lot of drama going on. House’s mom is in town, and it appears to Wilson that she’s dying of some terminal disease. But when House goes to visit his mom at her hotel room, he unknowingly stumbles in to see that she is back together with Mr. Bell (The guy who House believes to be his biological dad) and that they are…erm…physically intimate. Read More... 


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