Alcatraz “Webb Porter” Review

Alcatraz returned tonight with "Webb Porter", and introduced us to one of the creepiest villains we’ve seen on this show to date. There’s just something about musicians, isn’t there? The way Porter maniacally played his violin, and the haunting song was intercut with him forcing the poor girl into her own bathtub, was one of the most chilling scenes we’ve had on this show thus far.

After having our first duo of 63s two weeks ago, and our first African-American 63 last week, this week’s episode had another first: Our first escaped 63. I don’t think this revelation had the same impact they were going for, though, as we never knew about any other 63s that were captured before Madsen and Soto were on the team. However, it was nice to finally have an inmate on the loose that Diego didn’t recognize immediately. It always bugged me how he always identified the escapees immediately. Read More... 


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