'Pretty Little Liars' goes 'Psycho' and more finale thoughts


"Pretty Little Liars" aired its Season 2 finale Monday night (March 19) where "A" was revealed to be Mona Vanderwaal. We've discussed that plotline over here, but this post is for dissecting the other things that happened.First off - Maya is dead and we totally called it. That's a huge bummer, but yeah, who didn't see that coming? "A's" been pretending to be her for weeks. The only question is, who took her out? We aren't convinced that Mona (and any other "As" out there) are the same person as who killed Alison. They don't necessarily have to be. So perhaps Ali's murderer killed Maya because she found something in Alison's old house? What are your theories on that one, fans?Secondly, Ezra sure made a statement, huh? We aren't sure how smart it was to not only show up at the dance, but to make out with Aria just willy-nilly out there in the open....



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