'Supernatural' clip: Sam gives up hope, but Dean is determined to save him


"Supernatural" fans have been anticipating this week's episode, "The Born-Again Identity," all season. Not only are Castiel and Meg returning after long absences, but the breakdown that we've been expecting from Sam since midway through Season 6 has finally come to pass.In this sneak-peek clip from Friday's episode, we get our first look at Sam after a complete mental meltdown. As we know from last week, he hasn't been sleeping -- and he doesn't take to the deprivation as well as he did when he didn't have a soul. One thing we can count on from "Supernatural" is that Sam and Dean will always do their best to save each other from whatever dire fate awaits them -- and this is no exception. "Sam, I'm going to find you help," Dean tells Sam, hopefully, when he visits him in the asylum. Sam isn't quite so convinced this time, though. With Lucifer cracking jokes in his...



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