NCIS: Los Angeles “The Dragon and the Fairy” Review

Tonight’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, called "The Dragon and the Fairy" starts with a young man getting himself shot while trying to run away from some mysterious men in an equally mysterious black car. I assumed that said young man would be a murder for the team to investigate but I was wrong. Instead he leads them to a ring of criminals running a sweat shop, as well as a man who’s planning some terrorist acts. Pretty impressive coming from a simple kid who can’t even speak English. But even though the team caught all the bad guys there were to be caught, I think my favorite thing they did in this one was to reunite an entire family, all three generations.

Meanwhile, in the background we had the hilarious basketball theme that ran throughout the episode – from the impromptu game in the beginning, to the nerf ball edition in the squad room, to Deeks’ coffee cup basketball game in the car and finally to the very serious (thanks to Hetty) game at the very end. Talk about a fun way to give us some great team moments. I vote for games in every episode. Maybe next time they could try bowling…although I’m not sure how Deeks would do that in the car. Then again, he’s pretty clever, I’m sure he’d figure it out. Read More... 


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