let ma ask you, while balter is basically bleeding to death high on morph he admits to sabotage. he's either deluding himself that he's forgiven of the crime or not either way, laura hearing this, something happens to her. this was a huge turning point for her to open her heart but what i don't understand is, was there something in her past that she was letting go? did anyone get the connection to balter's diatribe and her change of "heart"?


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Jun 8, 2008 4:39PM EDT

I think it comes down to the idea that who are we to judge the sins of our neighbor. how do you quantify sin? so her sins (and she has plenty) are lesser in degree than his? is she a good person or is she just like him? he had a hand in the demise of the human race, but she is content to let him die? murder is murder no matter what.
I don't think it was their dialog that changed her so much. I think it was the guilt she would have to carry (like the guilt he had learned to let go) if she hastened his death. Unlike him, she doesn't really have the time to work thru the guilt, she's going to be dead soon.
correct me if I'm wrong, but the episode in maybe the 2nd season where she flashbacks to the day she saw Baltar with 6 in town (same day she found out she had cancer), wasn't she just ending a relationship with another government official who was married? perhaps she wouldn't open herself to love or be loved because the way that last relationship ended.

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