How I Met Your Mother Review: Quinntervention

I, Christopher Forrest O'Hara, solemnly swear that tonight's episode "The Broath" was one of my favorites of the season! Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but tonight's installment would have rocked my world at any given point. It had it all. We were treated to a diabolical scheme by Barney with Quinn's help, a fake history flashback, some tumultuous and tender moments between Marshall and Lily and lastly some plot development mixed into the emotional scenes shared by Ted and Robin. 

Barney's got a monk guy, of course he does. I loved the attention to detail there with the original bro chant. Barney was on fire this week and I guess we had Quinn to thank for that. He hasn't been this happy in some time now and it showed with all the Barney-isms and catch phrases we were treated to. Self five, Broman Times, sealed with a kiss, even Quinn got in on the action, making Barney painfully "wait for it." I know there have been a lot of Quinn haters out there, but there was no denying the genuine connection between those two tonight. Their high five was reminiscent of Marshall and Lily. Even fans pining for Robin and Barney to end up together could not ignore how awesome it was to see our bro so in the mo. His little head knock together with Quinn was so GIF worthy. Read More..


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