Basketball Wives Season 4: Oh, I Call Everybody a Bitch

Early last season, I wrote about how Twitter was to blame for a good portion of the conflict on Basketball Wives. Take a group of strong personalities, coop 'em up together for a few months of filming, and give them an unfiltered platform to express themselves, and you're bound to have at least a few good screaming matches. But tonight's episode confirmed another problem that exacerbates things.


I know, shock and surprise, liquor makes people act stupid/reckless. But look at that hot mess of a fight between Jennifer and Evelyn tonight, taking center stage at Shaunie's birthday dinner. Granted, they'd likely have exchanged words had they been sober, but it wouldn't have gotten nearly as loud and nasty as it did if Evelyn, Evelyn's armpit necklace, and Jennifer hadn't been pounding shots before Shaunie even got there. For one, Evelyn apparently doesn't listen to herself because while she threw shade at Jennifer's speech, hers was like reading a series of (very) thinly veiled subtweets, aggravating an already tense situation. Combine that aggravation with alcohol and Evelyn's penchant for showing her ass in public, swirl it in your mouth for a minute, swallow hard, and you have...whatever this was. Read More...


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