Pretty Little Liars Review: Will the Real A Please Stand Up?

Anticipation for tonight's episode has been growing since the series premiered. In my excitement for the big reveal, I invited some fellow fans over for a Pretty Little Liars viewing party, and I'm pretty sure many others did the same.

"UnmAsked," as the title suggests, was suppose to shock us all with the unveiling of A's real identity. But did we get what we were promised?

To avoid further delay, *Spoiler Alert*....Mona is A. Yes, the frustration of losing Hanna to her former bffs at the start of the series apparently drove her to start sending harassing text messages to each of them. But, it was those very same messages that brought the girls closer together. When Mona showed up in the black hoodie, the collective reaction of this viewing group was: "Ummm...ok."

The buildup to this big reveal had the girls finding a secret hotel not far from the secluded landing strip that Ali used when she returned from Hilton Head. Once the girls arrived at the Lost Woods Resort, the show paid a not so subtle to Psycho. From the creepy owner to the taxidermy and the spooky photo of dear old mom, it was hard to miss the references. When Hanna got into that shower, we all got pretty nervous. Read More...


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