Castle Review: I'll Be Brian Dunkleman!

Castle returned from a short hiatus with "A Dance with Death", an episode based on the murder of a reality dance show contestant. Like usual, the show brought some laughs, some longing stares, and the twists and turns we have been missing over the past few weeks. So let’s waste no more time and discuss the latest installment of Castle.

"I’d Be Brian Dunkleman!" Easily the funniest line of the night, the host of the competition show claimed that if he got fired he would become Brian Dunkleman. This was an instant classic and great writing by the Castle team. I know I’m not alone in having to think about who Dunkleman was before I realized he was the former AI host. 

The twists and turns that took over this case were pretty interesting. Although always enjoyable, sometimes the arcs to the cases are pretty outlandish. This episode? Not so much. Although finding someone who looks pretty similar to you and then paying them to have surgery to look more like you is pretty ridiculous, the surprises kept coming and they were fun. This episode had improved and smoother writing that in other episodes this season. Read More...


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