House Review: The Blind Leading the Blind

"Love is Blind" is what I've been wanting the writers of House to explore for some time now.  Please, I begged, bring back the House paternity storyline!  I want to see House examine a relationship with his father as well as the season 5 episode "Birthmarks"!  But while it was interesting throughout this episode to see House grapple with having his mother and potential father in his life again, albeit briefly, I found myself wanted more depth and less comedy.

After Wilson told House about his mother's terminal illness--which, by the way, was an obvious charade, but still worked because it showed us a connection between mother and son--House dropped the fabricated African drawings into the trash and went to see his mother immediately.  Surprisingly, House's skeptical world view doesn't apply as strongly to his mother.  And his constant hiding from her could mean that he does respect her and doesn't want to deal with her scrutiny, even if she does mean well. Read More...


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