Smash Recap: The Bernadette Motherf*cking Peters Show

It’s happened. Geese are flying south for the summer. The sun has risen in the west (and yes, I do have to sing through that section of the Beauty and the Beast lyric in order to remember which direction it’s actually supposed to rise/set; and yes, I do have to do so in the voice of Mrs. Potts). The ghost of Charlie Nylund is communicating to us through the cantaloupe aligned to one side in the fruit salad. A plain yellow pumpkin has become a golden carriage; a plain country bumpkin and a prince are joined in marriage.

Impossible, you say? Portents of doom presaging the End, when the Earth will complete its metamorphosis into a tiny ball of molten flames, which in a single gulp will disappear into the mouth of Anjelica Huston, the very mouth that let out the fiery belch that heaved it into existence at the Dawn of Time? Mais non! It’s simply that the even more impossible thing has happened: An actual Broadway star has sung an actual, non-Marilyn-related Broadway show tune on Smash, a television program purporting to be about the Broadway musical theater. Read More...


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