Review: The Voice Battle Round #3

After some rather uneven battles last week, the question coming into Monday night was whether The Voice could amp up the drama with some better competition.  The result?  Pretty much more of the same.

The first battle featured Pip vs. Nathan Parrett for Team Adam.  Can someone please tell Pip that if you're going to try to be all hip by going with a single name, that name has to be cool?  Alanis Morissette tells Pip to show some restraint in practice, while Nathan shows off his nervous ticks.  Would Nathan be fearless on stage?  If by fearless you mean stiff and awkward, then yes.  The battle comes off more like a school play audition, but Pip brings just a little more to the table as both singers cause Amy Winehouse to roll over in her grave.  Winner:  Read More...


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