Smash Recap: The Workshop Gets Pulled Off...With a Few Hitches

Let's get it out of the way at the beginning: almost everything about the actual workshop presentation on this week's Smash worked.  It was terrific to watch.  Everything about the Julia and Michael storyline was so painful.  So let's get all the bad out of the way first.

Michael and Julia continued their affair, but their attempts at keeping it secret were sub-par.  They held hands outside the rehearsal space and were caught kissing in the hall by Tom (and by Ellis, who is not the kind of person you want knowing your secrets).  I'm not entirely sure why these two are so drawn to one another, but the big problem started when Michael's wife and young son dropped by rehearsal.  Julia was finally - FINALLY! - truly appalled at the situation.  When she again tried to break things off with Michael, he bemoaned "don't do this to me again".   It was that phrase that made me abhor Michael.  What is his problem?  How can he not see how terrible his actions are?  At least Julia feels terrible guilt over this situation, but Michael seems to have no regard whatsoever for anyone but his own selfish needs.  His only redeemable scene came when he belted out a new song during the workshop performance called "Lexington and 52nd" about Joe becoming increasingly upset at Marilyn's rising level of fame.  It was his best performance to date.  Too bad it might be his last. Read More...


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