How I Met Your Mother Recap: Don the Brobe, Take the Broath

Did anyone else tune in to last night’s HIMYM and wonder if they had accidentally missed an episode? When Ted breezed into Barney’s apartment, donned a "brobe," and took a "broath" not to tell the gang about Quinn’s profession — well, he seemed like a pretty good sport for someone who had just had his heart broken for the third or fourth time by the same woman and moved out of the apartment that he’d called home for the better part of the past decade. And as we later came to learn, he was being subjected to a rather asinine ruse to begin with (creators Bays and Thomas wrote this episode and we’ve found that they tend to favor Barney, often overlooking the limitations of his character as of late).

This was a decent episode, but one that relied on previously successful gimmicks to fill out a pretty thin plot. Starting with Barney’s "Ted Evelyn Mosby" rib, followed by the intervention, moving on to Historical Barney, showing some "sandwich eating" — it was a whirlwind of past highlights that, when first introduced, were immensely clever. The only new running joke that we’re coming to regularly appreciate is Robin’s "Dammit, Patrice!" rage. It’s the result of the slow build of unnecessary hostility toward her co-worker Patrice, whose sincere kindness, and perhaps mild girl crush, offends Robin’s every sensibility. Read More...


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