The River Review: No More Mister Nice Guy

It cannot be said that the unexpected didn't happen on the Magus. From Lena remembering her days as a child, and hearing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" to the death of Lincoln, the first 15 minutes of The River there was little left. Oh, except for using The River to raise the spirit of the dead. Those first 15 minutes also gave us a plethora of The River Quotes.

Our young all knowing boat captain Jahel received a call from someone on the Bouina and instantly knew how to use it to bring Lincoln back. While everyone else cowered in their bunks, Tess trusted Jahel and they called upon the Boiuna to resurrect Lincoln. The scene was intense, in the room with Tess and Jahel things were flying about and generally had the "there's a spell happening vibe" while dead Lincoln was taken over by the river. When the water receded, he was alive. Read More...


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