'Dance Moms' Recap: Melissa Threatens to Sue

Alright, this is whole engagement situation is getting a little out of hand, and Melissa has taken it to a whole new level when she threatens to sue her fellow Dance Moms just for talking about her engagement. I can understand Melissa's frustration about having nosy friends, but what do you expect? They are around each other constantly and the other moms are just trying to act excited about the obvious engagement (which Melissa STILL has not formally admitted to).

Never once did I get the impression they were being malicious about it, but rather have been trying to get it out of her by joking around. I mean come on, they took her to look at wedding gowns and got her a stripper - these aren't exactly "mean girl" behaviors. Clearly Melissa's outrageous reaction and threats to sue are indicative that she has got some other legal issues going on with her ex. The worst part is that the girls are dragged into it, and Maddie almost has to forfeit the competition because her mom refuses to fess up.

Reality check Melissa, if you are going to be on a reality show you should expect all of your business to become public. If you thought this was supposed to be a show about all about dance, think again.



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