Southland Review: What Kind of Cop Are You?

This season of Southland started with "Wednesday" and ended on "Thursday."  Both normal sounding days, unless you're a cop.

Every cop has to make a decision about what kind of officer they want to be. Depending on the individual, those answers were wildly different. 

It was Tang's last day before she moved on to her Sergeant's post at another station. Where Cooper and Tang started off so strong they ended on an all time low. Cooper felt she put his life in danger by trying to play hero but then the real issues hit the fan.

He couldn't believe she lied about shooting a kid in order to get ahead in her career. Tang shot back that she wasn't the only liar in their partnership. Everyone knew that Cooper's back rehab was about his drug use but they kept their mouths shut because he's a good cop. Tang expected the same treatment. Read More...


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