'Fashion Star': Episode 2 winning looks going for $19.95 to $325


For week 2, the "Fashion Star" winning looks are once again running quite a gamut in terms of price, depending on the retailer. H&M chose designer Sarah Parrott for the second week in a row, though this week she was the only one chosen by the retailer. Her chosen design was a pair of wide-legged pants, in both blue and white, with a black stripe running down the outside of each leg. It is retailing for $19.95, though the site says they are sold out already. Hopefully they get more in this week.Macy's went with designers Nzimiro Oputa (who was chosen by H&M in week one) and Lisa Vian Hunter (who is a first-time seller). Oputa's contrast-trim Western shirt is retailing for $70.00 and Hunter's empire-waist dress is going for $99.00.Saks Fifth Avenue once again only chose one designer - this week it was first-time seller Kara Laricks and her plaid shift dress, which is...



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