Cougar Town Recap: Baby Onboard

Well, that was not the way I was expecting Cougar Town to resolve the tension between Grayson’s wanting to have a child and Jules’s reluctance (and potential biological incapability) to do so. Grayson already HAS a baby, apparently! Just not with Jules. It’s not totally surprising, I guess, when one considers the sheer probability in the numbers of young ladies Grayson spent time with prior to his relationship with Jules, and it’s not the worst possible thing ever to happen, but everyone reacted SO STRANGELY to this development! Seriously, it was bizarre. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

In the simplest area of conflict resolution presented this week, Ellie learns how to surf. I wouldn’t have pegged her for someone who voluntarily gets wet, but that lady can be full of surprises. She mostly likes sitting on a surfboard out in the water for her alone time. Normally I’d advise against this type of risky behavior, but sharks probably fear Ellie instead of the other way around. Bobby offers to teach her the real deal, and though she proves a reluctant student at first, Angie (oh yeah, her!) convinces him to give it an earnest try. They all hang out on the boat to talk about this, in front of a green screen, and I don’t mean Travis’s good one. It works out in the end — Ellie becomes great at it almost instantly, and the show closes with Grayson singing a song in their honor. "Bobby and Ellie, they like to surf" may not be the greatest of lyrical achievements, but I’m in favor of the partnership it honors. Read More...


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