Justified Recap: I Fall to Pieces

Okay, ten episodes into the season, I think it's safe for some real talk: I don't like the direction this Quarles story has taken. He was an interesting character; menacing in a way quite different from the good-old-boy network in Harlan and in possession of a frightening confidence that he could run these backwater hollers his way. Enough of a departure from Mags Bennett to elide comparisons but psychotic enough to present a credible threat to Raylan (not to mention Boyd). But as the weeks have played themselves out, and after the events of "Guy Walks Into a Bar," the balance of his character has tipped toward the more operatic side, and I have to admit, he's lost me.

I also have to admit that the narrative importance being placed on the sheriff's election has felt a bit small potatoes, even if it did gift us with that brilliant bit of Boyd Crowder political rabble-rousing last week. But watching Sheriff Napier's bid for reelection go pear-shaped this week, and having that be the impetus (or at least the final straw) for Quarles to descend into blubbering madness ... how did THIS guy ever think he could hold it together long enough to usurp the drug trade in Harlan if he can't weather one cocked-up local election? Read More...



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