New Girl Recap: Let Them Eat Cars

Unlike some of this year’s new sitcoms, New Girl rarely seems to be making a blunt statement about recession-era anxiety. It’s not 2 Broke Girls, or whatever the equivalent would be. (2 Broke Guys, a Girl with a Low-Paying Teaching Job, and a Dude Who Loves Wearing Expensive Pants?) Plenty of episodes have involved discussions of money, but they don’t usually include a character chanting, "We are the 99 percent!" Last night, though, class issues became a major theme when Dermot Mulroney appeared as Russell Schiller, a wealthy businessman whose daughter is in Jess’s class.

By the end of the episode, Russell and Jess had planned a date. But most of the story had nothing to do with the (honestly, kind of marginal) chemistry between the two. Instead, Russell and his wealth served as kind of a Rorschach test. Jess sees Russell as the exact opposite of everyone she’s ever dated — the kind of guy who owns sheets, so he doesn’t have to sleep on a pile of washcloths. Whereas Nick first sees Russell as a one-percenter enemy, then falls in love with his lifestyle and decides he’s actually the embodiment of all that is masculine and good-smelling in the world. Read More...


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