'Bent's' Jeffrey Tambor: 'I like characters that are difficult'


Jeffrey Tambor has played two of the most celebrated (and likely loathed) characters in recent TV history. He starred as Hank Kingsley, the self-absorbed sidekick on "The Larry Sanders Show" and then as George Bluth, the patriarch on the revered comedy "Arrested Development." And Tambor can't wait to give his dry comic acting style another go on the new NBC series "Bent."Tambor plays Walt, a struggling actor who is divorced and living with his son, a contractor, played by David Walton. Of course it wouldn't be a Tambor role if there weren't a few tones of extreme narcissism. In this case Walt believes himself to be a ladies man, even if he really isn't."[Walt] thinks he's a lothario. He thinks he's hot. And he's constantly flirting and constantly on the make," Tabmor says. "I think he thinks he looks like Robert Redford. I like characters like that. I like characters that are difficult. I like...



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