'Bent's' Amanda Peet calls David Walton 'George Clooney mixed with Matt Dillon'


So many actors say they knew from an early age that they belonged onstage. But Amanda Peet actually hurled herself onto one -- while a production was in progress -- when she was 3."Luckily it was a children's play," says Peet, who stars in NBC's "Bent," premiering Wednesday, March 21.In the sitcom, Peet plays Alex, a recently divorced mom whose ex is imprisoned for securities fraud. She's renovating a house and hires Pete (David Walton) as her contractor. He's a surfer dude who likes recreational drugs and casual flings. Women find him irresistible.Peet understands why."He should be a movie star," Peet says. "That he is not is astounding to me. I don't think there is anyone like him. He is George Clooney mixed with Matt Dillon. He is stone-y, quick-witted. He's weird, he's not like anyone else."She also relates to Alex as a mom, as she reassures a child on her cellphone.It's clear from the...



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