Southland “Thursday” Review

"After a couple years on the job every cop has to make a decision about what kinda cop they’re gonna be. The time has come for Officer Ben Sherman to decide."

The fourth season of Southland ended with ‘Thursday’, a nice bookend to a season that started with an episode entitled ‘Wednesday’. What does this nifty naming of the episodes tell us? Well, judging by John’s new rookie, it’s a sign that the world moves on and no matter what happens, Wednesday will always turn into Thursday.

So what did happen this week? Well, we got to focus more on the characters. Lydia finally decided to inform work about her pregnancy and then, after a particularly harrowing case, opted to spend the duration of her pregnancy at home. After Tang’s final day before her move to another division, Cooper finally confronted her about the accidental shooting. And Sherman not only managed to save Amber’s daughter from life on the street, he took out Ronnie too. Read More... 


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Dec 14, 2012 7:30PM EST

Ben planted the gun and that is a fact it is easy for a cop to find the same type of gun that was used in a shooting of an officer, and Tang never redeemed herself crooked Sargent she straight out lied to get a head. How is Lydia so sure it is Terrell's she was banging her former partners son as well. yes thank goodness Sammy is alive. Can't wait till season 5...

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