Psych “Let’s Doo-Wop It Again” Review – More Singing Please!

In tonight’s episode of Psych, called "Let’s Doo-Wop It Again," Gus’ old doo-wop group comes back (well, missing one member from last time and adding a new member this time, but still) and this time they let Shawn sing with them. Everything is fine and dandy until poor Shawn collapses in pain and ends up inthe hospital with a burst appendix.

It’s lucky he’s there though, because his new roommate turns out to be Deacon. Who was shot at the very party where Shawn and Gus sang to honor him. Since Shawn is laid up, this gives Gus the perfect opportunity to run point on a case of his own, with two sidekicks along for the ride. The boys find that they still need Shawn so they come up with a unique way to take him with them as they investigate. The fact that this felt exactly like a normal episode is a testament to how well it was shot. Having Shawn on the little screen talking and interacting with Gus just he always would, somehow made things even more hilarious. Read More... 


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