Fringe Sneak Peeks: Episode 4.15 'A Short Story About Love'

As I'm sure many of you are aware, Fringe returns this week from a four week hiatus with the new episode "A Short Story About Love". Fox released some sneak peeks which you can watch below!

In case you need a bit of a refresher, we left off with the episode "The End of All Things", which was packed with revelations. We finally learned that the Observers are scientists from a possible future that is somehow dependent on Peter being with the right Olivia - that is, not the alternate Olivia. Peter learns that he had a son, who ceased to exist when he made his choice with The Machine. One thing I still find a little confusing is September's implication that his own future is dependent on a child of Peter and Olivia's, since they should never even have met without September's "error" and subsequent saving of Peter and Walter. I suppose Peter and Olivia could have met at some later point if Walter and Bell's forays into investigating the Other Side had progressed, but it isn't obvious to me how they would have met without interference. Read More...


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