'American Idol': Heejun Han's brilliant commentary on the show's state of affairs?

So, this happened. Heejun Han took to the "American Idol" stage for Billy Joel week and in typical nutty Heejun fashion, he did something insane. In this case, he sang Joel's "My Life," but he started the song slow, stopped the pianist, ripped off his suit and then ran around the stage dressed as you see him above, acting like a complete lunatic. Is this actually Heejun the satirist's brilliant commentary on the fact that even a mildly cute guy who does mildly funny things can pretty much get up on stage and do whatever he wants and the girls will still vote him straight to the top? And the judges will still praise him like the way you praise a preschooler whose art you can't make heads or tails of?Seriously, what was that? It is SUCH a shame Simon Cowell is not here to rip him a new one for that horror show. Instead,...



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