'Survivor: One World': That's how Colton Cumbie goes out?


When we last left "Survivor: One World," Monica got axed from the new, weaker Manono tribe. Following Tribal, Alicia is congratulating herself on sticking with the guys and ousting Monica and Colton is a snotty witch to Christina's face. I mean, he just sits there and is mean to her while Alicia strokes his hair. Ugh, he and Alicia can go jump in some shark-infested waters. They are such jerks.Later, Christina tries to find a place to sleep and Alicia continues to be a huge word I can't print here because we're a family-friend blog. HOw can you be such disgusting human beings? Who raised you like that? In the morning at Salani, Kat regales everyone with her very deep, prophetic dream about Alicia killing her in a mall. Whatever, valley girl. But we suppose if it makes them suspicious of Alicia, that's OK. Reward ChallengeThe teams use coconuts to knock out the other team's...



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