America's Next Top Model 18.04 "J. Alexander" Review

In recent cycles of Top Model, the role of runway diva coach extraordinaire (and total friend in my head) Miss J. Alexander has been greatly reduced. I don't know if it's his busy schedule or any internal strife in Modelland, but the show tends to only pull him out for a challenge or two per cycle, with the last couple not even relating to runway. J. always brought a sense of fun and excitement to the show, damn near glistening with personality, and the technical know-how he has about the catwalk has been sorely missed, replaced by...well, Top Model doesn't really do runway anymore.

I mean, aside from their increasingly ridiculous final runways, of course.

Which is why his presence on tonight's Top Model was both fabulous and a little disappointing. Having J. back livened up the challenge, but if you're going to bring Miss J. into the fold one more time, let him serve a little realness on the runway and teach these girls something. Top Model may be dealing more with branding and personality recently, but that doesn't mean that stuff like runway should be obsolete. That being said, I did like the challenge because Top Model doesn't do them as often as I'd like and it was something pretty interesting/useful. The commercial challenge, typically reserved for around top six or so, got a much needed facelift, letting the girls ad lib about different products before showing each video to a focus group. For as much as the show has harped on marketing and being able to sell a product, it finally put its money where its mouth was and gave the girls a good opportunity to show off their personalities for the general public. Even though it was less about your words and more about how you came off, I didn't see where all the praise for Kyle came from; she's a pretty girl-next-door who had a bit of a brain fart in her commercial, but people ate that up over others that had cleaner presentations and more personality. Read More...


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