Community “Contemporary Impressionists” Review

After returning from it’s much discussed hiatus last week with the sub-par "Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts", Community came back this week with the slightly funnier "Contemporary Impressionists". My biggest problem with last week’s episode was that they seemed to be focusing more on the dramatic side of Shirley’s relationship with her fiance, and they sacrificed laughs in the process. Tonight’s episode, however, peppered in quite a few more laughs and also had a higher than normal amount of dramatic beats.

Another problem with last week’s episode was that it was Shirley-centric, and Shirley is just…not all that funny. With this episode being Abed-centric, you’re just bound to get quite a few more laughs. The whole idea of a league of impressionists was hilarious, and it was great to see French Stewart back on TV and being funny again! I was really touched by how Troy stuck up for his buddy, telling the group that Abed brings out the kid in all of them and often saves them from "boring reality". It’s hard to argue with him, so the rest of the crew agrees to join Abed at an impressionist event to pay off his debt. Read More... 


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