South Park Review: "Cash For Gold"

I can't imagine this week's knock against "Cash For Gold" scam shops hit home with any South Park fans quite the way a TSA pat down would. Nor could I imagine too many fans have been victims of home shopping networks, either.

Well, maybe some of us have some relatives that have fallen victim to the latter. Yeah, myself included. So at least those digs were a little better for me.

But, really, the key to any South Park is how it ridiculously ties everything two seemingly unrelated plots. This week we followed Stan, Kyle and Kenny (yes, he's alive and well) as they followed every Hindu fart proverb all the way to India as they tried to get to the bottom of who's to blame for ripping off Billie's grandfather and thus Randy's inheritance.

So who was it? Was it the Cash 4 Gold stores, the home shopping networks, the Indians who make the jewelry, or Cartman's far-fetched theory of the Asian ladies he lucks to f**k. Apparently, it's some combination of the first three. Or as Stan put it best: "Whoever smelt it, denied it and rhymed it." Read More...


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